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Coaches Corner

Thank you for being a Soccer Coach!

Without your help we would not be able to bring the beautiful game to our recreational soccer players.

The following are links to several helpful documents and training sessions that will guide you through your coaching year! Please take a look at them, download and print them and keep coming back to this page for more resources and tips.

U.S. Soccer

SPVJSA recommends the U.S. Soccer "Grassroots" level coaching courses as a starting point to all of our recreational coaches.  This is a new program that begins with the "Introduction to Grassroots Coaching" module which is a 20 minute, online program that acts as a starting point to the remainder of the grassroots modules.

Following the Introduction there are four (4) in-person experiences and four (4) online courses that relate directly to small-sided games and the respective age-groups outlined in the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

United Soccer Coaches

SPVJSA recommends the United Soccer Coaches Foundations of Coaching Diploma as a starting point to all of our recreational coaches.

United Soccer Coaches has developed the Foundations of Coaching online course as the perfect introduction to coaching youth soccer for the first time, and as a helpful refresher for those coaches coming back to the youth game.

At this time United Soccer Coaches is offering a 30 day complimentary membership to new coaches.  This membership gives you access to all online resources, informational newsletters, online Soccer Journal, and member pricing on most education offerings.

Build Out Line Basics

  • The Build Out Line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back for 7v7 games.
  • The Build Out Line is also the OFFSIDE LINE for U9 & U10, 7v7 games.
  • When the GK has the ball, either during play or from a goal kick, the opposing (attacking) team should move behind the build out line.
  • The GK can play the ball right way or once the opposing team is behind the build out line.
  • NO PUNTING OR DROP KICKS - The GK can pass or throw/roll the ball to a teammate. (Restart for an infraction is an indirect free kick)
  • After the ball is put into play by the GK the opposing team can cross the Build Out Line and play resumes as normal.
    • The ball is in play when it leaves the GK hands.
    • The ball is in play when the ball is kicked by the player taking the Goal Kick.
    • The ball is in play if the GK has the ball in their hands and drops it to their feet for a kick.
  • A restart from the GK’s hands or goal kick will take place if the opposition infringes inside the build out.

9U - 10U Build Out Lines

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