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Sideline Etiquette Policy

The Spokane Rapids, formerly Spokane Valley Junior Soccer Association (SpVJSA), has adopted the following parent sideline etiquette policy that all spectators are to abide by during all Spokane Rapids recreational soccer games.

Sideline Etiquette Policy

Cheer, don't coach. Avoid yelling specific instructions and issuing commands. This can be extremely confusing for a child and possibly contrary to the coach's instructions. If you want to coach, talk to a league official about coaching a team next season.

Avoid running up and down the sidelines shouting. If you want to follow the action, make sure that you don't distract the players or block the view of other spectators.

Keep comments to yourself. Unless they are complimentary, do not direct any comments to members of the opposition. Do not make negative comments about any of the players on the field because their parent or guardian may be sitting next to you.

Stay away from the goals. Standing behind or coaching from behind the goal is prohibited.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship by applauding exceptional plays made by both teams.

U9 and Older - Games with Referees

Always sit on the opposite side of the field from where the benches/players are. No spectator is permitted to sit on the same side of the field the benches/players are on for any reason.

Stand, or sit, at least 5 feet back from the sidelines. The assistant referees need space to move up and down the side of the field and players need room to make throw-ins.

Do not speak to the referee or assistant referees during the game.

Sideline Tips

Practice silence. Sometimes it is more relaxing for both parents and players, and you will likely view the game differently as well.

Ask your children if they like you to cheer. The answer may surprise you.

Be positive, never negative. If a child loses the ball, for example, "Way to hustle," is much better than "You can get that ball."


Failure to abide by the parent sideline etiquette policy could result in removal from the Spokane Rapids, SpVJSA, fields during recreational games.